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Erotic Services: Club FANTASY ISLAND

Club Fantasy Island

Erotic Services

Your Erotic Sex Resort Where You Live Out Your Wildest Fantasies

(Pedicure / Manicure / ??????)

Designed especially for you by your hostess Sahoni.

Your experience starts off as soon as you step out of the shower
by having your favorite drink prepared for you by your specialist.
You sit back and relax as she soaks your feet and hands in nice
warm soothing water to soften them for your treatment.
While you are soaking she will make the time pass very fast for you,
by paying attention to lets say anything else that may need attention, (Sahoni calls this her "soak & stroke") of course this will only be a
tease for what is to come later on.

When you are done soaking she will gently caress each
hand and foot, trimming, filing each nail with precision while gently massaging each part which is guaranteed to be relaxing as well as arousing, but never forgetting which part needs the most attention. Remember, the only thing you have to do is sit back,
close your eyes, relax and enjoy.

Then comes the part you have been waiting so patiently for.

You have been teased long enough, your specialist will unwrap you from your towel and begin the final phase of your adventure and
sit back relax if you can and enjoy. Oh, and by the way if you feel
the need, it’s OK to maybe grab her and guide her a little so you
have it exactly your way because every ones launch sequence is
just a little different.


Isla de la Fantasia Massage

( Two hotties and you !)

Just like the title says, your Fantasy Girl will be assisted by a
second girl to make sure you are rubbed the right way,
over and over and over again.

The girl of your choice will accompany you in the shower to
help clean all of those hard to reach places, or should we say
all those fun to reach places and by all means return the favor!!

After you have finished, she will accompany you to the massage
table where they will place warm towels on you to relax you.

(Yeah, like at this point you can relax.)

Dressed only in a FANTASY ISLAND T-shirt, no undies,
they will start on your back side, one working from the feet up,
the other working from the shoulders down, gently working out
all the kinks and relaxing all those sore muscles. Do not be
surprised if they climb on top of you and work on you like that,
most of the girls find by being on top they have more power to
give a good massage.

Next comes the front side, they always save this for last because
it is their favorite. Both sit on you and you have the option of
where they sit. After they have obtained the perfect positions they
go to work massaging once again and continue until they have
relieved every bit of tension they have created.

You have a personal guarantee that you will never experience a
rub down like this in the States, or anywhere else for that matter!


Dominican Smorgasboard


Nope it has almost nothing to do with food, although there
could be some other eating involved. We do however bring
you a large bowl of fruit and you all can place it where ever
you like before you eat it (use your imagination),
Oh, did I forget to mention the whipped cream?

Like in a traditional Smorgasboard there is a variety of items
and the same with us. You will experience a variety of women
(three to be exact) three delectable women to have anyway you like.
I suggest all three at once!! Remember, this is FANTASY ISLAND.

I promise after 10 minutes you will not know which end is up and at that point,
you won't really care anyway.

Now, I couldn't let Sahoni have all the fun, I came up with
my own special event, I call it............
"BULLDOG's 8 Legged Race", Fantasy Island Style,
all I can say is that it involves everything mentioned above
plus plastic sheets and vegetable oil. With a little luck,
someday this will be an Olympic Event. This special is not
for the faint of heart, in fact we should have you bring a
doctors statement, that you are physically fit enough for
this kind of activity.

(Warning: There is no crash cart standing by!!!)


Isla De Fantasia


This is a traditional Manscape, now with a


Tired of looking like Sasquatch? Your specialist will begin on
your forehead trimming those bushy brows and from there work
her way south, all the way down to the bush country.
She will take care of your individual needs, cutting, trimming,
shaving, waxing, what ever you like, what ever you need.
We tailor this service to the individual guest.

Your Barber never did it like this!

Nor would you ever want him to!

NOTE: All "EROTIC SERVICES" have an additional charge.

Compliments of "FANTASY ISLAND" for your personal enjoyment!!

Take your pick, what suits your fancy? Experiment with everything,
maybe discover a new position or two. Play with all the toys you have been wanting to try for so long

All the toys are compliments of
and are furnished on a first come, first served basis
( NO PUN INTENDED) and you may switch daily.
We also have a large assortment of blindfolds, handcuffs,
collars, leashes, gags, whips, paddles, strap-ons, etc.

And coming soon....................






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Packages & Specials

Free Airfare Promotion

Starting December 1, 2013 “and for at least the next 60 days” we will have a drawing each day and award one person per day, a credit, for $500.00 off of their airfare to make your visit to see us in PARADISE, just a little bit easier.

Fantasy Package

Your most erotic fantasies can and will be fulfilled, if you can dream it, we can make happen it. Your experience is limited only by your imagination. The Fantasy Package is custom fit and priced separately for each individual.

Premium Package

Our most popular package by far. Offer’s almost everything the Fantasy Night has, but priced far less. Check out everything we offer below then compare us and our pricing to the competition. Click here for PRICING TABLE

No-Frills Package

Maybe you don’t feel like going crazy, or don’t have an erotic fantasy to fulfill. NOT A PROBLEM How about…………………Eliminating all the frills & costs and just spend a few quiet days with a beautiful young woman at your side catering to your every whim, to create the perfect Adult Sex Holiday?




"Club Fantasy Island."

A discreet little Tropical Paradise inhabited by some of the most beautiful, sensual and exotic women you will ever have the opportunity to share your most intimate and passionate desires with. Situated off Boca Chica Beach, where you can bask in the sun, on one of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world, surrounded by the warm, crystal blue Caribbean sea.

This is the vacation you have waited your whole life for


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Let us be your "Caribbean Adult Sex Vacation" destination.

Resort Site Map

Club Fantasy Island Home

We offer exotic male exotic female escorts with many sex toys making this caribbean sex vacation one you will remember forever.

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Note From the Owner

Welcome to Club FANTASY ISLAND’s WEB SITE. I thought it might be wise for me to interject a paragraph or two about the resort and what we are doing, before you actually dive into the entire site.

My concept was a culmination of several years of research (Tough job I know, but somebody had to do it.) of several adult resorts to come up with a combination of services that would appeal to absolutely everyone in search of an Erotic Caribbean Sex Vacation. I have tried to weed out all the negatives I have encountered over the years and expand on all the positives. I want your experience with us to be worry and snag free. First and foremost I want my guests to have a fun and very affordable vacation. I have tried to keep the costs very competitive and the accommodations and food are the best you will find anywhere in the area, with an experienced staff that is ready and willing to please and serve you.

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A Note From the Owner

About Us

Club FANTASY ISLAND is managed by Americans ON SITE! English is our first and second language, although we do have bilinguals on here to assist if you should need someone who speaks French, Deutsch, Italian and of course Spanish. So you never have a fear of not being understood or understanding. Your Host or Hostess is on site constantly to assist you and give you whatever help you need. Their job is to make sure your stay is the most exciting ADULT SEX VACATION of your life. You also receive a personal phone with the number of a driver, translator and the owner who is on call 24/7 to also help if a special situation should arise.

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A Note From the Owner


Your Erotic Adult Sex Resort where Anything Goes and Nobody Knows.

Just returned from 4 days at CFI, I just want to thank everyone there for everything, it was a great stay. The resort was fantastic. I had reservations about booking another trip because of a bad experience I had in Boca Chica on my last visit. The place was a dump and locked you up at night like you were a prisoner, I kept wondering what we would do if there was a fire, we were behind bars. And on top of it, IT WAS BORING!! BUT, you guys have given me new faith in the DR and I will be back to see you all again, I still have some pipe I need to lay. Thanks again for everything.
Tim A

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Erotic Services

Your experience starts off as soon as you step out of the shower by having your favorite drink prepared for you by your specialist. You sit back and relax as she soaks your feet and hands in nice warm soothing water to soften them for your treatment. While you are soaking she will make the time pass very fast for you, by paying attention to lets say anything else that may need attention, (Sahoni calls this her "soak & stroke") of course this will only be a tease for what is to come later on.

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Erotic Services


Body Painting Contest, Sanoa Island Outing , Jeep Safari, On Site Outdoor Disco ,Catamaran Party Boat, Golf Texas B-B-Q, Sport Fishing, Santo Domingo City Tour, Poolside scavenger hunt ( X Rated ) Los Haitises National Park, Scuba Diving, Casino Night, Rafting, Jet Ski Outing, Whale Watching, ATV Outing, Horseback Riding, Catalina Island...and much much more. Keep reading to learn more.

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Erotic and Fun Activities

Packages and Resort Pics

Come See Why We Are the Choice Destination For Caribbean Adult Sex Vacationist

We have a "NO TIPPING" policy at Club Fantasy Island, all girls are paid a bonus by the management for providing superior service, so there is never a need for you to tip, just let us know about the service .

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Menu & Rewards Program

Eat, Drink and Do Everything Else You Have Always Wanted to do on Your Dream Erotic Vacationt

Just like it says, we have our own REWARD PROGRAM. The more nights you stay with us and make BOOM BOOM the more Points you earn. Each night you stay earns you 100 points. When you accumulate 1000 points you earn a "FREE" night with an Escort on your next visit.

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A Note From the Owner

Why the Dominican Republic

Come See Everything We Have to Offer While You Take Your Dream Erotic Adult Vacation. WHY THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC? Do you really have to ask?

If so, keep reading and learn why this will be the BEST VACATION experience YOU WILL EVER HAVE!

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