How to Choose a Resort

How to Choose a Resort

A while back, I found this on a mongering site as a guide to picking out an adult resort, so I thought I would share it with everyone. Thanks, The BULLDOG

Even if you don’t stay with us we want your trip to the DR to be great one. American to American.


Things you need to consider before pulling the trigger.

By Ben Grady

Hey fellow mongers, below you will find a list I put together for guys in the mongering business like me, who like to visit Adult Resorts, just some things I have compiled thru years of traveling, hope you all find this helpful. Ben

Will you have access to the owner during your stay at the resort? Owner’s living in another country, but operating a business here, Hmm, (RED FLAG) could mean they are not operating totally within the law and do not want to be caught and suffer the consequences. Plus, if a situation should arise that requires the owner, where does that leave you. (This is a specialty business and requires special service.) If the owner is there all the time and not leaving the operation in the hands of an inept light fingered local, it is more than likely an operation you can trust and is easy to work with.

Do they advertise that their girls work for them solely and no one else? Sounds really good. But if so, (RED FLAG) could mean the girls are working for the resort owner/manager who is in fact is nothing more than a panderer (some even house them, feed them, and keep them for their own use entirely just like slaves, so they are no longer working of their own free will, tells them when they will work and pays what he determines is fair, some are even held against their will) and under Dominican Law, pandering is illegal.

Does the resort require $300.00, $500.00 or more for a deposit? That is a (BIG RED FLAG), or at least should be. Think for a moment why they want so much money upfront, before you actually see the resort? Kind of hard to go somewhere else, if you don’t like the place, when they have most of your money. (And just try to get it back from them)

Is the resort totally gated and secure? If the resort is not directly on the beach, more than likely it is gated and very secure. Resorts that sit directly on the beach have no way of keeping the public from walking in at any time (because it is a public beach) and are also prey to hundreds of relentless vendors who hound you day and night making it impossible to relax, enjoy yourself, or have a little private time.

If possible look for a place that has that has grounds large enough for strolling and even private areas where you can have a little seclusion for you and your girl.

Private accommodations? Will you be staying in a small hotel type atmosphere where you have to pass in front of everyone else staying there, where walls are paper thin and everyone knows what everyone else is doing. Look for places that have individual buildings, with private outside entrances where your privacy is guaranteed.

Claustrophobic? Some hotel resorts actually seal their building off at night, (locking you behind bars till morning) good signal if you are wondering about it being a safe area or not, it’s probably OK, unless of course a fire would break out. Or, you would like to take a midnight stroll with your girl. (This is why you look for a place with secure gated grounds.)

What do they offer in the way of extra perks, options and Special Services? Resorts that do not offer a lot of extras, (RED FLAG) which translates that they are not willing to spend a lot of extra money to guarantee your satisfaction and total experience. Therefore are in it for their profit alone, also signaling they may also be cutting back in other areas like cleanliness, food quality, etc. Resorts that offer lots of extras are trying their best to make your experience with them the best it can be and they know the importance of customer satisfaction and customer service.

Does the resort have a forum? Most do, so prospective guests can view the experiences of past guests, BUT, if the forum has a moderator that has to review each post before it is placed on the forum, (RED FLAG) then the forum is not worth anything as they are pulling out all the negatives before the public can view them. (If your post is displayed almost immediately then most likely there is no moderator) Is it a public forum? Can anyone join and ask questions without being a customer? If not what are they afraid of?

Does the resort offer references? It never hurts to ask some past guests about their experience or questions about the resort. Get e-mail addresses of some past guests and don’t be afraid to ask blunt questions.

Type of restaurant? How is the menu for their on-site restaurant? Extensive menu, offer a lot of variety? Stay away from those that offer just buffets, you are just eating what they want you to eat when they want you to eat, just to cut costs. Walk away from these. And if the resort does not offer an on-site restaurant…Don’t walk, Run away from that one! They cannot afford or aren’t capable of running a decent restaurant, or maybe business isn’t good enough to sustain their having an on-site restaurant. So what other areas are they lacking in? And what kind of class does that show, to make your guests WALK down the street or alley for their food? At night? Not real safe! Maybe in the rain!! Not a proper experience for your DREAM VACATION, to have to WALK A MILE FOR EVERY MEAL. And once again, if you are in a public restaurant, so much for privacy with your date and again the issue with five hundred vendors hounding you while you dine.

Pool or Hot Tub? Again, things not everyone considers, but, not every guest will want to wade in the ocean, especially at night, some do fear sharks and others are highly allergic to jellyfish, so are there alternate facilities available? Nothing like doing a little skinny dipping with your girl in the pool in the moonlight?

Most will not offer it, but ask if they match services and prices? Certainly can’t hurt to ask, if they do it shows they are willing to work a little for your business.

Do they make and advertise all kinds of crazy promises? Do they advertise reserving a girl weeks in advance so you are sure to have her and they guarantee it? (RED FLAG) How does anyone know when sickness, family issues, or that monthly issue women are plagued with, will happen. If they make wild guarantees like that what else are they saying without even thinking?

Lastly, who will you be dealing with while you are there? No, this isn’t prejudiced, ( but I have been taken more times than you can count by locals ) when you are spending your hard earned dollars on a vacation, (YOUR DREAM VACATION) it just makes sense to be able to converse with someone who understands you and that you can interact with, not someone who has to say “let me see if I can get a hold the owner and find out for you, then never does”, someone who can make a decision, “on the spot”, someone you are comfortable with and not take you for a ride like the locals are taught to do. Besides, you don’t like dealing with foreigners when discussing a $5 dollar mistake on your phone bill in the U.S., so why would you want to trust your entire vacation to one. Just saying.

Hope this helped, I intend to start putting out an article every couple of months. So watch for them. Ben