Note from the Manager

Note from the Manager

Hi Guys and Girls,

Welcome to the Club FANTASY ISLAND WEB SITE. I thought it might be wise for me to interject a paragraph or two about the resort and what we are doing, before you actually dive into the entire site.

My concept was a culmination of several years of research (Tough job I know, but somebody had to do it. ) of several adult resorts to come up with a combination of services that would appeal to absolutely everyone in search of an Erotic Caribbean Vacation.  And I have to say, what I saw at some resorts was nothing short of apalling, girls actually confined on the premises, just waiting for guests to choose them, held at the mercy of the owner or manager, paid very little and forced to do someones bidding.  I never would have believed such conditions would exist in this day and time, but they do.

I have tried to weed out all the negatives I have encountered over the years and expand on all the positives. I want your experience with us to be worry and snag free. First and foremost I want my guests to have a fun and very affordable vacation. I have tried to keep the costs very competitive and the accommodations and food are the best you will find anywhere in the area, with an experienced staff that is ready and willing to please and serve you.  And, you never have to worry about being hit with hundreds in extras at the end, like the other places, for things they forgot to mention in the beginning, when we give a price, it is the price, no surprises.

First of all, you deal with American’s from start to finish, not someone that lives thousands of miles away in another country. We don’t lie to you or constantly try to extract more money from you.  We have a personal responsibility to you, it’s our business and your vacation, you don’t need to have concerns, your only job while you are here is to enjoy yourself.

There is a Host or Hostess on duty to serve and answer questions, bring your dinner to your room, if you don’t want to get dressed, translate for you if your Fantasy Girl or Guy doesn’t speak very good English, to assist in any outside activities you may desire to partake in and to even make beer runs for you.

I have tried to gear everything to women and couples as well as men. And the way the resort is set up you are allowed as much or as little privacy as your fantasy and needs require.

The last thing to remember, your experience with us is limited only to your imagination, but it’s up to “you” to let us know what you require, to make it the absolute best vacation you have ever had. I hope you enjoy browsing this site as much as I enjoyed writing and designing it and as always, e-mail me with any questions or concerns, I will be happy to assist you.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get a hold of us thru the “contact us” page.

Hope to see you soon,


And remember our exclusive CFI GUARANTEE.  If you are still on the feence, we will take your reservation with nothing down and before you check in, take you to see the competition and you decide then, where you would rather stay.