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Wanted to drop a quick note to all you guys and girls at Fantasy Island, been just a couple of days and miss the shit out of everyone already. I had a great stay and can’t wait to come back, everything was perfect and the girls keep getting better and better. And a special thanks to the management you guys do an exceptional job.
See you all soon.
Rick G

Just returned from 4 days at CFI, I just want to thank everyone there for everything, it was a great stay. The resort was fantastic. I had reservations about booking another trip because of a bad experience I had in Boca Chica on my last visit. The place was a dump and locked you up at night like you were a prisoner, I kept wondering what we would do if there was a fire, we were behind bars. And on top of it, IT WAS BORING!! BUT, you guys have given me new faith in the DR and I will be back to see you all again, I still have some pipe I need to lay. Thanks again for everything.
Tim A


Just finished a 5 night stay at CFI, this was not my first rodeo, as I had been to several erotic adult sex resorts in the past, but I have to say this was the best.  No bull, just a great, an absolutely great experience, no one asking for money, no extra charges and the girls were the best of any place I have ever been.  Thanks guys.


Just returned from the Club, already looking for a return trip.  Still have a lot of work to do there 🙂  I had done much research before selecting CFI and my research really paid off.  Of all the Caribbean sex resorts I checked out, CFI came out on top and for a very good reason, food, service, girls all top notch.  Kudos to all the staff there.

See you all soon.
Chris A.

Hey there everybody at CFI !!!We just got back home and wanted to say, what a trip to remember. Everybody was a little nervous when we booked with you, but after an hour or so we knew this was the right choice for our buddy’s bachelor party. Sorry if we were a little unruly at times but we had a blast. The body painting contest was the best for me and let me guess who’s idea it was to have edible paint !! For the sake of privacy, I won’t mention the Grooms name but he loved the Dominican Smorgasboard we all chipped in and bought for him. And he really doesn’t remember us all watching the eight legged race in his room…….

(probably a good thing) It’s just too bad we couldn’t keep a video of everything. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you from all of us because you all were great. And we will definitely be back next time another fool decides to get married.

Thanks again,



I am not sure where to start. I will say I was a little nervous flying to a strange location I had never been before, not knowing if there would actually be someone there to meet me. So I finish my stuff in the terminal and walk outside knowing I will not see anyone waiting for me, shit what did I do, where will I go for 5 days, if no one shows, my Spanish sucks, god I wish I was home. All this was running thru my mind as I exited the terminal, then I saw her……..a tiny, beautiful, island girl with a big smile and long red hair wearing a flowered tropical dress and holding a Fantasy Island sign with my name on it. Man I made it, after my welcome kiss and hug, she wisked me off to the hotel which was maybe 20 minutes from the airport. Sahoni did not have perfect English but it was more than adequate. After checking in, I was escorted to my room which was 10 times better than I expected, I was given a welcome letter from the owner whom I met a short time later who came to introduce himself and check on me then gave me a phone to use during my stay, with his personal number, in the event I needed him for anything. Wow what service.

They gave me time to freshen up before I met my Fantasy Girl, Sahoni took me to the dining room where Luisa was waiting, she was 100 times more beautiful than any of her pictures that were sent to me in the brochure. Anyway, we ate a late dinner then sat by the pool with drinks. I asked Sahoni to sit with us for a while and she did some translating for me. We walked a little then went to our room for the night. I will not go into details, but this was the most sensual woman I have ever been with in my life. I had the intention of changing girls every day but after spending that night with Luisa, I wanted her with me the whole stay, which by the way was a good choice, because every time was a little bit better than the last, we got to know each others likes and dislikes, it was like we had been lovers forever. I wanted to do some other activities while I was there, but all I could think about was Luisa, I spent every waking moment and every minute of sleep next to her. My stay went so fast, it seems like a blurr. Luisa went with me to the airport and leaving her was about the hardest thing I ever had to do. I promised her I would be back as soon as possible which was not a lie because I booked my next stay my second day home.

I just want to say thanks to all the guys and girls at Fantasy Island who made my trip so great, I know you all didn’t see me a whole lot during my stay but that was your fault….. for bringing me such a little angel to spend time with. See you all again real soon.

Tony M.

St. Louis


Just want to drop a short note to everybody at CFI. Just got home from 6 nights with you, actually the best 6 nights of my life. Sahoni, Andrea, the waiters, bartenders, Alexander, and the Bulldog, thanks for all your hospitality and service that made my stay so great.  My only regret was that I did not stay longer. But like Arnold says “ I’LL BE BACK “ .

Thanks again everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike G.



Well, my first day started out a little disappointing, the girl I had requested was not able to make it. I was impressed, however, that the owner himself came to inform me and gave his deepest apologies but told me that Misty had family problems (5 yr old daughter) and would not be there for a day or so. I knew going in that some of these girls are mothers and that things happen. I picked Lily for my first night and I believe she was instructed to make me forget about Misty, because she did, after the first hour it was like…Misty who? The Bulldog had Alexander bring the “LOVE LOUNGE” to our room, WOW!! Never had an experience like that, the positions were awesome, then the next night we tried “THE SWING” never, never, never experienced anything like this before, you guys have your shit together, big time!!! Before I knew it my 3 nights were over, boy that was a mistake booking such a short stay, I never got to massages, or any of the other stuff. I did talk to a guy who had the Dominican Smorgasboard, he smiled and said he figured he would be walking funny for at least a week.

I just want to say thanks to everybody there and that you will see me again, only next time longer.

Thanks again.

Jimmy Z.



I had been to several other Caribbean sex resorts, but I have to honestly say that I was never, ever comfortable with any of them.  That is until I visited CFI.  Something about the surroundings, the staff and management that just seemed to make you relaxed and enjoy what you were there for.  Could be just having an American to deal with, but for what ever reason, my hat is off to the entire crew there, you made my stay absolutely great.  Thanks and see you again soon.

Bob B.


Absolutely fabulous girls.  Everyone I met was like the girl next door, sweet, caring, attentive.  Seems like the perfect place to find a Latin wife.  And not just the girls, but employees and management also played a role in making my trip unforgettable.  Honestly, going there will give you satisfaction plus, a wife if you aren’t careful.  Good work guys on a premium destination spot.


Just made it home and wanted to send a quick thanks for everything. I have to say the BIG GUY was right about everything, it was exactly how he said it would be. Had a couple of little snags but had the OL’ BULLDOGS personal number and he had everytihing taken care of in short order. Giving everybody a phone with a HOTLINE to the BOSS, what a great personal touch, very impressive and shows class and that you really care about our stay. I will say the girls weren’t what I expected, they were a million times better, well, maybe not a million but they were awesome, I would marry every one if I could. And the toys, I haven’t ever had that kind of sensation before.

I love the love lounge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can say, good, good, good, good, job. Thanks again everybody, tell Sahoni I said hello and that the marriage proposal still stands.

See you all on the next go around.

Carl J.



While looking for an affordable adult vacation spot, I stumbled upon CFI,  they had everything I wanted and more.  My stay was 4 nights, but on the way back to the airport, I found myself wishing I would have stayed 10.  I will be back, just don’t change anything you are doing guys, it’s perfect just the way it is.  It is the perfect adult erotic vacation.
Sean G.


Just got home after a week at CFI.  It started out to be, my wild vacation, of a lifetime, but found it is something I will have to do on a regular basis, from now on.  And all thanks to the staff at the Club.  Never felt more welcome and more at ease on vacation anywhere.  You just don’t want to leave.  A special thanks to the management, who made sure that all my desires and fantasies were fulfilled.

Jim R.


Hey there everybody at club fantasy island.

I wanted everybody to know, great food, great rooms, great girls, great service, great management, great movies, great toys, great costumes, great housekeeping, you all get the idea, for anyone who didn’t, I had a great time and you will see me again. I can’t wait to see your new place when it is finished.

And special thanks to bulldog, man, where do you come up with all this shit, it was great.

P.S. Sahoni, I LOVE YOU!

Roger M.



My stay at CFI started out as a, playboy vacation, sampling everything they had to offer.  Little did I realize I would find an almost perfect girl.  So instead playing the field, I settled on one perfect lady my entire stay.  I have already rebooked, both the vacation and the same girl.

Carlos R.

Puerto Rico


I was planning a Caribbean Sex Vacation, I am single but really wanted someone to spend my D.R. nights with.  By accident I stumbled onto the website, so I thought I would give it a try.  I cannot begin to describe the experience, but, now I can’t think of any other way to vacation.  You guys have a steady customer from now on.

Gerald B.

Las Vegas


In searching for an erotic sex vacation, a place that would awaken all of my senses in a private club atmosphere.  I found that at CFI.  It turned out to be way, way more than I expected physically and other ways as well.  I would strongly recommend that anyone consider CFI, especially for a first timer like myself, they literally take you by the hand and lead you thru the process to make sure you have the ultimate experience.

Brian B.


After being totally ripped off by 2 other companies in the Dominican, I had all but given up on the thought of an erotic sex vacation.   But, after lurking around several other sites, I zeroed in on CFI, just something told me to try it.  Maybe the stellar reviews, who knows, but I did try it and without a doubt, blew the others away, totally.  What a 180 degree difference between them and the others I tried.  If anyone is looking for sex in the Caribbean, this is the place to be.  Could not find anything to complain about in the slightest, during my entire week stay there.  I have found a home.  Thanks for everything.

Joni B.


Hey everybody,

I have been home about a week and have not stopped thinking about FI for a minute.

For most of my adult life I have had a fantasy about being with a man and woman but never thought it would ever happen. Then I saw your site and worked up the courage to write you and find out more about it. I wrote back and forth for weeks talking to several people about my fantasy. After I decided to go ahead and do it I was very apprehensive until I arrived. Everyone was to friendly and supportive, as they could see I was nervous at first, I quickly adapted to my surroundings and by the time Alex arrived I was more than ready to meet him. My first night was spent with him alone and he was wonderful. I did as my Fantasy Speciaist recommended, I spent my second nite alone with Lisa, it was my first time with a woman and she was very understanding and took things very slow, it was the experience of a lifetime. As suggested, I waited till my third night for my fantasy, so I was comfortable with both companions. We started very slowly taking our time so I could relish every moment with both lovers. Our encounter lasted into the morning hours, I believe about 2 A.M.

I did things and had things done to me that I never believed would ever happen to me in a lifetime and I now know the meaning of being fulfilled. Well at least for the moment, on my return flight I was already working on my next fantasy. I just want to say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! Everybody was fantastic and Sahoni sweetheart, I don’t know if it’s possible but I may want you in my next fantasy.

And Thank You, for ever keeping me from saying, WHAT IF???

Love you all, see you soon.

Susan W.




Q. Is nudity allowed at your resort?

A. Yes, from the start of our “ANYTHING GOES” Happy Hour until whenever, not a requirement
but remember, it’s your vacation, so if skinny dipping with your girl makes you happy, then by all means go for it.

Q. Are the girls in the photos the actual ladies I will meet?

A. Yes, we try our best to keep the photos current. More times than not, you will meet many,
many more than what you see on the site. But we never guarantee like some resorts, because we
cannot see the future.

Q. Do I need a Visa to visit the Dominican Republic?

A. No, a current Passport is all that is required. However, when you arrive you will need to buy a $10.00 tourist card in the airport before you go thru customs.

Q. How will I find my ride?

A. You will have no trouble finding your host Sahoni when you exit the terminal. She will be looking for you with a FANTASY ISLAND sign with your name. From there she will direct you to our driver who will transport you to our hotel. Plus, upon receiving your flight information when you originally book, you will receive the owners personal phone number whom you may call upon arrival.

Q. What if I have a really late flight?

A. Doesn’t matter, the FANTASY ISLAND staff is always on call, we are here for you. However, it may be difficult to get you a full blown dinner if it is super, super late. If we know in advance though, we can try to accommodate you needs.

Q. May I request my Fantasy Girl in advance?

A. Absolutely, because we want her to be aware of your personal needs before your arrival. However, we may suggest one that would be more intune with fulfilling what you desire.

Q. Is it possible my Fantasy Girl or Guy will not be available when I arrive?

A. Yes, it could happen, it has happened a couple of times in the past. But remember we deal with many, many people in our organization and sometimes “life happens”, they have family issues with parents or children, that monthly thing all women have, but rest assured we have many others waiting in the wings, should such a problem arise, so there has never been an issue with getting a suitable replacement immediately. Be cautious of anyone that “GUARANTEES” you will always get the girl you pick, how can they predict the future? They are telling you whatever it takes to get your business, so what else are they telling you that isn’t quite true?

Just an FYI, we are not like other places that have their girls stay on property, confine the girls or exploit them.  The girls here are independent contractors, not employed by us or controlled by us or forced to work, they each work on an individual basis with out guests and we simply recommend girls whose personalities might fit you.

Q. How much extra money do I need to bring?

A. Depends on you, souveniors, personal items, but write us with what you want to do, excursions, golf, etc. and we will help you decide what you will need.

Q. Will I need condoms?

A. You will if you are expecting to have sex. The only sex to expect here is safe sex. We do have condoms for sale here as well as an assortment of Viagra, Cialis etc. Just let us know so we are sure to have what you need on hand.

Q. Will my girl do anything I ask?

A. That is a pretty open question, but yes, most are very accommodating, however we do have a policy against making any of our girls or guys do anything that will cause them any pain or injury they also are told they do not have to do anything that is uncomfortable for them, naturally some go much farther than others, that is one reason we want to know your desires in advance, that way we are able to find you the most suitable companion for your needs.

Q. Can I get an extra girl and have a lesbian show?

A. Yes you can, many of our girls are bi, but again, let us know in advance.

Q. What kind of clothing do I need?

A. Depends on you, whatever you are comfortable in. If you plan on doing a dinner out one night in the capital, something like a dress shirt and slacks. Again tell us what you are planning to do other than the obvious and we’ll help you plan. We normally send you a list of everything you’ll need a week or so before you come.

Q. Is there a deposit required?

A. Only in some special instances and for groups, but the amount is very small, some folks are a little nervous about transactions out of the country, so for that reason, once you send us your flight conformation, we will secure your accommodations and start preparing at our end and you can pay us after you arrive and check into your room. If you do make a deposit, it is done thru We Pay, a secured server and done in the U.S. Always be wary of companies that require you to pay a lot before you arrive, it could be a sign that something is not quite what they say and they want guaranteed money up front so they have some leverage.

Q. What type of payment do you accept?

A. Well. this is the Dominican Republic. The best way for everyone is cash. Travelers checks are very hard to cash here and credit cards are not readily accepted. Now, if you need a little extra cash while you are here we can take you to a bank who will give you a small amount of cash from a credit card, just make sure you have your pin number and they do charge $3.00 for the transaction.

Q. What about couples?

A. We love couples, man & woman, man & man, woman & woman, swingers. no matter what, you will have a blast.

Q. Do you offer rates for groups?

A. Yes, we have discounts for groups and just let me say that groups in the past have had a blast, we will also arrange some special events for groups, depending on the size. And have a special gift for the organizer. If you are a group of 12 to 15 or more, we can reserve the entire resort for you.

Q. What if I do not click with my girl.

A. Well, trade her in for another one, or two, or three, whatever, you can switch every day if you like.

Q. How many people will be at your resort while I am there.

A. At the most there could be 28, but remember it’s a resort, but no matter you are still guaranteed you privacy.

Q. Do the girls and guys speak English?

A. They all speak some, but a few are very limited. That is why we offer translators to assist you if need be. You also are given the number of a translator you can call with the courtesy phone we give you at check in, should you be off property.

Q. How much advance notice do you require?

A. That kind of depends on your needs, if your fantasy is not difficult, then no more than a few days is needed, you will need more time than that to secure you flight. Also, if it is during our busy season
we may require a little more notice. It is best to have an idea, then ask us.